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VMB is well known for importing & distributing FMCG brands from over 40 countries worldwide, on an EXCLUSIVE basis. The FMCG division has a marketing division that builds BRANDS over a period of time. The division enjoys Exclusivity for over 60 Brands in the Kingdom of Bahrain. All brands carried by VMB are Halal certified.

The Facts About the FMCG Industry

FMCG companies are behind the biggest brands in the world. FMCG is all about names, the products which everyone recognises from trips to the supermarket or from advertising on television. The brands that make up this sector are the high profile ones, the ones everybody knows and loves.

The FMCG industry changes fast and is constantly evolving. It’s fair to say there is never a dull moment in FMCG. From the pace at which goods leave the shelves to the rate of product innovation and career progression, things move quickly. And it doesn’t end there. The brands themselves are changing just as quickly.

FMCG firms thrive on employee and customer retention. Employee investment is a big part of the FMCG world. Perhaps it’s because we understand the importance of loyalty. Customer loyalty can make or break a brand. So it makes sense for FMCG companies to encourage the loyalty of their employees too.

FMCG companies can beat the recession. This is an industry that has proved itself very resilient to recession – with the majority of companies in the sector weathering the financial storm in a way that very few others have managed. Why? Well, consumers will always need to buy the products created by FMCG companies. They may not buy big items like refrigerators or cars in a recession, but floors still need to be cleaned, clothes need to be laundered and aches and pains still need to be soothed.

FMCG industry thinks bigger – and better. This is an industry that offers things on a whole new scale. Working in FMCG gives you the chance to be a part of some global success stories and influence the way consumers shop for products. FMCG firms are always thinking of the next great discovery or innovation – always developing and ever-changing to meet consumer’s needs.

FMCG has a history of delivering what consumers want. Some FMCG companies’ roots are over two centuries old – driving the industry to a value of $570.1 billion. In short, to quote Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart: “High expectations are the key to everything”.